Friday, November 30, 2018

The Big Reveal

Daddy Steve:  It's time to reveal the big surprise.  Have you guessed it yet?  If not, then Meghan and Robin will be happy to share it with  you.

Meghan: It's Sasha Morganthaler's 125th birthday!
Robin: Technically, it's the 125th anniversary of her birth.
Meghan: Whatever.  It's time to party!

Sasha M was born 125 years ago on November 30th, so we had a party to mark the special occasion.  And what a party it was!  We made lots of delicious food including cheese fondue, a traditional dish of Sasha's homeland of Switzerland.

Anthony: Frank, why don't you go mingle a little?
Frank: I am mingling--with these macarons.

Holly Belle: Oh, dear me, my bread came off of my fork!  According to tradition, I must kiss the man next to me.  >Tee-hee!<
John Martin: Uh, why don't we just shake hands instead?

Party decorations included the Swiss flag and, of course, the Sasha logo.

Luke: All this time I thought it was a Red Cross benefit.
Kaveh: >sigh<  The Red Cross is red on white; the Swiss flag is white on red.
Luke: You learn something new every day!
Sasha: It all looks so pretty!

Holly Belle organized a fashion show featuring original Frido clothes that reflected Sasha M's fashion aesthetic.

L to R: Miss Pink Party Dress, Misses Blond & Brunette Gingham, Miss Brown Cord, 
and Miss Dungarees.

Daphne: It was actually kind of a hoot to dress up in these old-timey outfits.

Even Rhoda got talked into participating -- with some concessions, of course.

Frederick: Hey!  Those are my clothes!

Sasha Morganthaler had a great love and interest in all of the world's cultures, so Ravi and Harriet dressed in traditional garb of India.

And although she loved traditional designs, Sasha M could also be right on trend; interpreting the fashions of the 1960s.  Here, Emile wears a Mondrian-inspired outfit popularized by Yves Saint Laurent.

Emile: But of course, Le French are zee experts on le haute couture.

What would a party be without music? Entertainment was provided by a band comprised of Gavin, Valerie, Bowie, Rolf, and Sebastian.  They were quite the swinging quintet!

Giancarlo took front & center with the band to sing a moving love ballad as only an Italian can.

Angelo: Bravo!  He's like a young Pavarotti!

Much of the party's conversation centered on Sasha's life and work, including some personal reminiscences...

Gino: Daisy, you actually had your photo taken with Sasha M!  What was it like?
Daisy: Well, I don't remember too much, though I recall that her furry coat tickled!

Everyone in Gregoropolis had a wonderful time; even some of the more reclusive residents made an appearance.

The evening ended with a toast to Sasha M.

All: Happy Birthday to the mother of us all!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

wow, what am amazing celebration you had!! where in the world did you find such a perfect fondue set? So much fun to look at, I have to go back for another peek! glad to finally know the was killing me!

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Marti. The fondue set is a retired American Girl piece. I think it was for Julie, the 1970's girl. My mother had one that looked exactly like it, right down to the color.

Serenata said...

What a fantastic celebration they had and such a lot of fun (and work!) involved participating in it and organising it. They all look wonderful. I was looking forward to their celebrations and was not disappointed.

Dee said...

Bravo to all at Gregoropolis ! Sasha M would have loved her party ! Such lovely food and all her family attending along with a fashion show of her clothing for her children, the dolls.
I loved how Rhoda took part and the band sounded great I could hear then from here!

That Robin told me you were celebrating getting Swiss citizenship! Wait till I see him !

Ginger said...

A most wonderful post celebrating Sasha’s birthday! The food looks very yummy especially the fondue. Of course every good party has music which is nice for all. A fashion show was truly inspired and Sasha would have loved to see her dolly creations so well dressed. Thank you for a super reveal for Sasha’s special day. 😊 xxx