Sunday, September 29, 2019

What To Wear? and Wearing What!

Daddy John: School Picture Day is fast approaching, and most of the Gregoropolis kids are taking it in stride.  Two, however, are having very different reactions...

Nicholas: Oh dear, dear.  Whatever shall I wear for this 'Picture Day'?  I suppose I should don my official prince garb.  But the hat...!

Nicholas: Perhaps a sweater? A t-shirt?  A smart dress shirt?

Pete Dakota: Hey Nicholas, why are you so worried?  It's just Picture Day.
Nicholas: Oh, Peter, I've never had my photograph taken before!  When I lived in the palace, I had my portrait painted every year, but never a photograph.  I just don't know what to wear!

Nicholas: I'd best bring everything and then we'll have a nice selection.
Pete Dakota: Er, well, it's not like that.  The photographer will line us up, stand you in front of a background, >snap!<, and on to the next person.
Nicholas: Oh, that's smashing!  I'm so relieved...but which outfit?


Marta: Oh, Rhoda, you look lovely in that dress.  Doesn't she look lovely, Frederick? 
>cough, cough<
Frederick: What? Oh, yeah, a vision of loveliness!
Rhoda: I hate it!

Marta: But Daddy Steve would really appreciate it if you wore a dress for School Picture Day.
Rhoda: I don't like dresses.  I never have and never will!

Frederick: For Heaven's act like Daddy Steve is making you eat a bug.
Rhoda: I'd rather eat a bug!  If you think the dress is so great, you wear it!

Daddy Steve: While Rhoda may appear to be impossible to deal with, she's actually a shrewd negotiator.  Turns out she's perfectly willing to do 'girly', as long as it's 'cow-girly'...

Rhoda: Yee-haw!  I look just like Patsy Cline!


Serenata said...

~Sometimes it pays to know your own mind! That 'cow-girly' outfit is pretty cute indeed!

Poor Nicholas worrying about what to wear. Children don't get a choice here - they all wear a school uniform! There are pros and cons to it. Less peer pressure for those that don't have/can't afford flash 'trendy' clothes, but it does kind of dampen individuality as well.

Dee said...

They are so young to be worried about what looks good in their photograph from school, that's today's social media for you!
I'm impressed you actually got Rhoda into a skirt! even a cowgirl one! Yes Rhoda very Pasty Cline and you sing as well as she?

Poor Nicholas only ever having his picture painted, he'll enjoy not having to sit around for hours while someone stares , mutters and holds a brush up and looks at it with one eye closed ! Then seeing weeks later if the portrait actually looks like him !

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Rhoda looks quite pleased with herself in her cowboy garb! I have to agree that the dress didn't suit her at all! Nicholas acts like an average guy but once in awhile his royal upbringing crops up!

Triciamj said...

Rhoda is a shrewd negotiator, but I was quite taken with her dress and loved her sister's green pinafore

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Tricia! The pinafore outfit was made by Marti Murphy. It has become one of our all time favorite outfits!