Saturday, September 7, 2019

When Doom Meets Gloom

Daddy Steve: Alice is a very sweet little girl, but she can be a bit of a worrier.  The other day she was having tea conversation with Duncan, a.k.a. the resident Gloomy Gus of Gregoropolis.  He's probably not the ideal companion for someone of a fretful nature.

Duncan: ...and so that's the whole unfortunate story.
Alice: Oh, dear!  How dreadful for you!
Duncan: >sigh<  Well, I'm no stranger to adversity.

Later on in the day...

Alice: >worry worry worry worry worry<

Meghan: Oh, look.  She's fretting about something.
Nathan: How can you tell?
Meghan: See how she's fiddling with the hem on her dress?  She does that when she's worried.  We need to talk her out of that worried mood.
Nathan: What do we say?
Meghan: We'll think of something.

Meghan: Hello, Alice.  How are you?
Alice: Well, to be honest, I'm just a little worried.
Meghan: Whatever about?
Alice: I was talking to Duncan and...
Meghan: Oh, you shouldn't pay too much attention to him.
Nathan: Yeah, he's a real dismal Jimmy!

Alice: He was telling me about his hair loss.
Meghan: Oh, Sweetie, there's nothing for you to worry about.  You have very thick and beautiful blond hair.
Nathan: Yeah!  Besides, his hair isn't falling out.  Some mean kid just cut out a couple of chunks of it.  That's all.

Alice: >gasp<  Some hooligan running around with scissors!  Any one of us could be next!
Meghan: Oh, no, no.  That kid is long gone.  Right, Nathan?
Nathan: Oh, oh, yeah.  He, uh, eaten!  Yeah, by a bear!
Alice: Good heavens!

Meghan: >whispering<  What are you doing?!?
Nathan: You said to think of something.
Meghan: I meant something clever, not something daft!

Alice: A ravenous bear is gobbling up little children!
Nathan: Oh! Um, we're safe enough.  Bears go after only the big, fat kids that can't run very fast.
Alice: But what if I gain weight and can't run fast enough to escape?!

Meghan: Now sweetie, you listen to me.  Remember what Daddy Steve always says: "The things you worry about the most are the least likely to happen."
Alice: I guess that does make sense.
Meghan: Of course it does.

Alice: So if I worry about EVERYTHING, then NOTHING will ever happen!
Meghan: >sigh<  Now I'm worried.
Nathan: Me too.


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I know people like her who invent things to worry about! She and Duncan shouldn’t hang out too much tho!!

Dee said...

I cannot stop laughing about the bears only eating the fat kids cos they cannot run fast..........