Saturday, March 27, 2021

Let's Take A Walk, Maybe

Scot-Michael: Which one are you reading?
Nicholas Sahara: A gentleman called 'The Aquaman.'  I believe he's Daddy John's favourite.

BR: Hi guys.  We're taking the dogs out, then going for a walk.  
Pete Dakota: Would you like to go with?

Nicholas: Oh, a perambulation would be lovely!  Do let's!
Scot-Michael: Perambulation?

Scot-Michael: We'll just grab our jackets and meet you outside.
Nicholas: We shan't be a tick!
Pete: Ready for a walk, girl?
Denali: Whoof!

Scot-Michael: I'm ready!  Wait, what's wrong?
Nicholas: Oh dear, it's my footwear...

Nicholas: These sandals are lovely, but not suitable for strolling about.
I must find a proper pair of trainers.
Scot-Michael: Well, hurry up.  We don't want to keep them waiting.
Nicholas: I shan't be a tick!

BR: Where are those guys?

Stephen Orange: Where are you guys going?
Nicholas: We're going on walkabout with BR and Peter.  Do join us.
Stephen: Okay, just need to grab a sweater.
Scot-Michael: Be quick about it! 

Stephen: All right, I'm ready to go.
Nicholas: Oh dear...
Scot-Michael: Now what?
Nicholas: I'm missing my scarf.  I'll just go back and find it.
Scot-Michael: >Sigh<  Nicholas...
Nicholas: No, no, shan't be a tick!

Stephen: Er, does he not...
Scot-Michael: No, he does not.  Give him a second; he'll work it out.
At least, it better only take a second...

Pete: Where are those guys?

Nicholas: Drat it all, I couldn't find it!  .....Oh.
Well...aren't I the daft old sausage?

Stephen: Where are they?
Scot-Michael: I found a note.  "We got tired of waiting and left on our walk.
We'll see you later.  Signed, BR & Pete."
Stephen: We'll just go on our own walk, then.

Nicholas: Oh dear, then I'll just need to --
Scot-Michael: No, you don't.  Let's perambulate.


Dee said...

LOL I love this, it's just like home when the girls were young and every trip out took at least twenty minutes of searching for something or other.
I'm not surprised the dog walkers gave up waiting , dogs once outside don't understanding waiting about !
But I'm glad they all got to perambulate in the end.. lol

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Nicolas reminds me of my husband...check the doors to make sure they're locked, turn off lights, the list goes on and on! I think the kids did the right thing "perambulating" with the dogs and leaving the others behind. (ps: I go walking in my birkies all the time but don't have to worry about cold toes! lol!)