Saturday, April 3, 2021

Easter Miracle

 Recently at Gregoropolis...

Lulu: 🎶  Lah, de-da de da, lah 🎶

Paul: Hi, Lulu.  What are you up to?
Lulu: Planting for Easter!

Paul: Jelly beans?  What...?
Lulu: >Tee-Hee!<

Paul: Did you see that?!  She's planting jelly beans!
Kurt: That's ridiculous!
Kevin: Absurd!
Frank: >sigh<  What a terrible waste.
Paul: I think she's lost her mind.

The boys decided to ask for some other opinions on Lulu's sanity.

Uli was pragmatic about the whole thing.

Uli: Vell, as long as she does not make a mess, there is no harm in it.
Frank: I still say it's a terrible waste of jelly beans.

Kaveh was philosophical.

Kaveh: Freud did say that everyone is a little weird.  Or was that Dr. Seuss?
Anyway, perhaps Lulu knows something we don't.
Frank: Perfectly good jelly beans - ruined!

Finally, Easter morning arrives, and the boys can't believe what they find.

All:  >Gasp<   Lollipops!

Paul: Amazing!
Kurt: I can't believe it!

Kevin: I don't know what to say!
Frank: I do.

Frank: Lulu, you're my new best friend!  Now, can you grow chocolate bunnies?
Lulu: >Tee-Hee!<



Dee said...

HA HA Clever Lulu !, not so strange after all !
I do love how Frank was worried about her wasting good jelly beans but now she's got a freind for life if she can indeed grow bigger candy fron a few jelly beans... some of these Sasha children are just full of magic !

Happy Easter

RoRoPo said...

Yes, Easter is a time for miracles. And now we know the biggest Easter miracle of all...
Great photos!!!

NeverUschi said...

We'll certainly try this next year.

Linda said...

Lulu's skills are amazing! Growing lollipops is not for everybody! Frank will have lots of chocolate bunny ears to eat if Lulu can pull this off... Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Good one, Lulu!

Teresa F.