Saturday, April 24, 2021

Evil Squirrels

 Daddy Steve: Here at Gregoropolis, we love it when the magnolia tree blooms in the spring.

(Two years ago)

Apparently the squirrels love it, too.  
This spring they attacked it and destroyed almost every blossom.

We got some sheet metal and put it around the trunk in time to save a few of the flowers.

The kids are quite upset about it.

Giancarlo: I mascalzoni!  The scoundrels!
Daisy: Absolutely despicable!

Daisy: What should we do?
Giancarlo: Well, a la Sicilia, we would curse them and cast the evil eye. Il Malocchio!
Daisy: And that works?
Giancarlo: No, not really.  But it does make one feel better.

DaisyCurses to you, squirrels!  Begone!  >casts il malocchio< 

Daisy: How was that?
Giancarlo: Bravissima!  Well done!



NeverUschi said...

What a shame! I didn't realize squirrels eat magnolia blossoms! They must have been quite hungry. But I feel Daisy made an impact with her curse.

Dee said...

How annoying that the squirrels eat magnolia flowers! Must be a delicacy !
Your poor Stellata does look somewhat lacking in blooms, I do love the italian curses being banded about!
We need them here for when the frost comes and destroys our poor Magnolia blooms..hows it go again???

Gregor Daddies said...

Dee: I'll bet Granny Fortuna could teach you some Italian curses, but you might need to cover Bruno's ears first!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I hope it works! Shame about the tree. She should have done it earlier!

Serenata said...

Oh dear, that is a shame, I didn't realise squirrels ate magnolia blossoms, we have never had that happen with ours...but perhaps they are always too busy raiding the birds peanuts!