Saturday, April 17, 2021

Teddy Bear Tea Party, Part 1

Holly Belle: I'm feeling restless.  I need a project, but what?
Meghan: Perhaps you should organize some type of social function.  A gala or soirée.
Holly Belle: Hmm...yes, I am very good at that.  The only trouble is that 
this pandemic makes socializing hard.
Meghan: Agreed, but we do have a very big 'pod'.
Holly Belle:  True, but the boys can never be counted on to cooperate.
They're so socially inept.  I really think their teddy bears have more of a clue than they do.

Meghan: Well, maybe we should invite them instead.
Holly Belle: ...Teddy bears?!  Say, that's an idea!
Meghan: A teddy bear tea party!
Holly Belle: And we can invite the dolls and all the other stuffed animals, too.
Oh, this will be brilliant!  The social event of the Gregoropolis season!
Meghan: Let's get started!

Sasha: Teddy would love to come to your party.
Miguel: And Grumpy Care Bear, too!
Holly Belle: They'll have a lovely time.

Patrick: I'm not sure.  Herbert is quite busy at the moment, and this is very short notice.
Holly Belle: Hmph.  We had no idea that Herbert's social schedule was sooo full.
Patrick: You know I do post his schedule online every week.
Ravi: Puneet, my elephant, would love to come, 
and I'm sure Herbert could find the time, right Patrick?
Patrick: Oh, very well, I suppose.

Holly Belle: Ugh.  That Patrick can be maddening some times!
Meghan: At least we got him to cooperate.

Rhoda: Hawkeye will attend your party, but you have to remember that she is a bird of prey.
I mean, just in case she eats one of the other guests.
Holly Belle: Good heavens!

Duncan: Bart has a sensitive tummy.  Will you have lactose-free, non-gluten options?
Meghan: I'm sure we'll be able to accommodate him.

Gino: Oh, si!  Hugo would be happy to attend!
Jennifer: And Barry, too.
Kaveh: Count Daniel in.

Holly Belle:  So, Rolf, will you bring Herr Mono to our party?
Rolf: Ja, naturlich.
Lulu: And I will bring my watering can to your la petite fête!
Holly Belle: Er, yes, of course.  We're happy to have,

Holly Belle: Goodness, this party is going to be a lot of work!  We'd better get started.
Meghan: Don't fret, Holly Belle.  We've got this!


Dee said...

What a great idea ! A teddy bear tea party .. well teddy, bird of prey, watering can type of party.
It's going to be a hoot.....

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

they've set themselves a challenging task! Knowing Holly Belle, it will be the event everyone's talking about. Let's hope that nobody gets eaten by the bird of prey because that isn't the kind of 'talking about" you want!!

Linda said...

I was smiling all the time while reading this. :) It's so nice that the watering can is invited too, and that there will be adjusted food and drinks for bears with sensitive tummies. Still smiling!

RoRoPo said...

Lovely, all those little things they have, and that furniture!
The idea of a teddy bear party is great. But there is, indeed, a problem with that bird of prey. Maybe they can put some cellotape around it's beak? But then it can't enjoy the party... this IS a problem! And if they tell him that tin watercans are known to go after birds of prey which lay claw on other party guests? Or just give the bird an overwhelming portion of cake and cookies right at the beginning of the party so it is full with food and sees no need to go after the other guests? This could be an idea, but Hawkeye has to have a nonsensitive tummy or you will need the vet afterwards.
Predators can be difficult to handle, we at RoRoPo's take that serious since we have a leopard problem here...

NeverUschi said...

Lucky Holly Belle! No more time to feel restless...
I just hope Hawkeye won't realize that Bart is lactose-free and doesn't contain any gluten....