Saturday, October 1, 2022

Big Shoes to Fill


Blake: Hey guys.  What's going on here?

Ezra: We're just checking out Daddy Steve's new shoes.
Blake: Good grief, these are huge!  We could use them as kayaks.
Wesley: Size 12 EEEE!

Blake: Daddy Steve sure has big feet, considering the rest of him isn't that big.
Wesley: He always says that he's got the foundations to be a skyscraper,
but he turned out to be a low-rise.
Ezra: Missed opportunities...

Blake: Well, it's about time he bought new shoes.  His old ones were falling apart.
Wesley: Daddy Steve says that when get older, buying shoes isn't so much fun anymore.
He says he would rather buy shoes for us kids.
Ezra: I'm sure Holly Belle is totally on board with that.
👧 "But Daddy Steve, I simply MUST have some new shoes to match
my lovely new dress!"👧

All three:  Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

Holly Belle: What are you three clowns talking about?
Wesley: Oh, nothing >gulp<
Ezra: Not a thing...
Blake: Nothing at all.


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Holy smokes!!! those are giant shoes!! lol!! Ezra is playing with fire, making fun of HB! I suspect that there will be repercussions from that if she finds out!

Dee said...

Are you sure some young basketball player didn't leave those shoes behind? Or could the dads be planning a production of Jack and the beanstalk, and these are for the giant?

If Holly Belle is anything like the girls here in the Sasha Village, you can never have enough shoes and they have to be the right shade of blue/green/red to match whatever outfit they are wearing.

Maybe you should get daddy Steve to put those shoes on, just to make sure there is no giant roaming around unsupervised... just saying...