Saturday, October 22, 2022

Steeben, Upset


Stephen Orange: >Mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble, gripe gripe<

Mikey: Steeben mad?
Stephen Orange: Huh, what? Oh, no Mikey...I'm just a little upset.
Mikey: I do bad?
Stephen Orange: Oh, no, no, no, Mikey!  I'm certainly not upset with you at all!

Mikey: Goodie!  Steeben read!
Stephen Orange: Er...oh, dear...

Philip Guy: Tell you what, buddy, I'll get 'Steeben' feeling better
and then he'll you read you a story.
Mikey: Yaaaay!!!  Tank you, Fillp.

Philip: C'mon, we're going for a walk.
Stephen Orange: A walk?  What for?
Philip: It's a walk or I have, to quote Nicholas Sahara,
'Franklin stuff his gob so full of doughnuts he'll be on such a 
sugar rush he'll be catatonic and thus tolerable.'
Stephen Orange: A walk it is!

Philip: Okay, start talking.
Why've you been such a crab lately?
Stephen Orange: I haven't been that bad...
Philip: If Mr.-Always-Cheerful-Nicholas has noticed and is threatening violence, 
you've been pretty bad.

Stephen Orange: I won this amazing research grant last year 
and discovered a rare fish skeleton...
Philip: ...but?
Stephen Orange: But I can't pull it together!  I've got all my notes but I just can't 
get the writing started!  I've got some kind of block or something.

Philip: I can help you with organizing your notes.  
You might just need a fresh set of eyes.

Stephen Orange: Do you think that's all it will take?
Philip: Maybe, maybe not.  Won't hurt to try.
You should never be ashamed to ask for help.
Stephen Orange: ...I need help.
Philip: You've got it.  But first, you have a story to read.

Stephen Orange: Then Linus said "On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from the 
pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys for all the children."
Mikey: Do Gweat Punkin voice!
Stephen Orange: 🎃🎃 I AM THE GREAT PUMPKIN and 
THIS pumpkin patch is the MOST SINCERE!!  🎃🎃
Mikey: Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

1 comment:

Dee said...

It's good to have a friend to help you see your way through a problem and even better to have a younger sibling to help you realise there's more to life than worrying about work.
I'm sure Stephen Orange will get his presentation completed now he's asked for help.
It's so stressful having children!