Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Search for Bigfoot

 Daddy Steve:  Junior Forest Ranger Rhoda and Girl Guide Anika are about to embark on a scientific expedition...

Anika: Wish us luck, boys.  We're off to search for Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch.
Rhoda: If we don't make it back, send someone to look for our bones.

Sasha: Gosh, I sure hope they don't actually find Bigfoot.
Miguel: Relax, amigo, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Ann Marie: Isn't Bigfoot supposed to live in the Pacific Northwest?
Rhoda: According to one of Daddy John's books, he's been sighted nearly everywhere.
Anika: So why not our backyard?

Patrick: >Sigh< So illogical.
Ravi: Well, it keeps them out of trouble.

Rhoda: I sure hope we at least find footprints.  Or his scat.
Anika: Eeeewww! I don't!
Rhoda: I thought you were a committed naturalist.
Anika: Not that committed
Rhoda: >Tsk, tsk<  What would Jane Goodall say?
Anika: If she were honest, probably that hanging out with monkeys is overrated.

Uli: Door shut, bitte.  It is raining and you vill track mud inside!
Rhoda: Phooey and drat; there's always someone standing in the way of scientific progress!
I guess we'll just have to limit our search to the house.
Anika: Just as well.  I can't imagine a wet Bigfoot smells too good.

Rhoda: Frank, have you spotted Bigfoot around here?
Frank: No, but I did have the most delicious bear claw with my afternoon tea.

Rhoda: This creature certainly has big feet.
Anika: But he's too pale and hairless.
Anthony: Will you two get out of here?!

Anika: I guess we don't really even know for sure if Bigfoot is a boy.
Rhoda: Oh please; just look at how messy and irresponsible he is.
Anika: True.

Anika: You'd think if he were anywhere, it would be the basement, but there's just spiders.
Rhoda: Spiders are cool, but they're not Bigfoot cool.

Rhoda: Well, we're having no luck at all and I'm getting tired.
Should we just give up?
Anika: What do we write in our scientific journals?
Rhoda: We just do what every other Bigfoot hunter does; we embellish a little!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

too bad Ulli kept them from scientific progress....there's always someone! I agree a wet bigfoot would be a pretty stinky proposition.

Dee said...

Oh, what a shame Ulli wouldn't let them trek muddy footprints round the house!
At least they were willing to go searching for Bigfoot in the first place, maybe they could ask daddy Steve if he knows anything about bigfeet I mean big foot!
I'm sure they can conjure a tale to tell..