Saturday, March 18, 2023

Wishing & Waiting


Blake: I can't wait for it to snow!
Wyatt: Snow is so much fun; making snowmen, building snow forts, snowball fights!
Oliver: It seems like the snow will never come!


Blake: I can't wait for all that snow to melt!
Wyatt: We're missing so much fun; playing soccer, climbing trees, digging in the dirt!
Oliver: It seems like spring will never come!

Christoph: Is it simply the nature of humans to always long for what they lack?
Kevin: Quite possibly.  Right now, I'm longing for a piece of cake.

Katie: Well, it does seem like it's been an awfully long winter.
Sasha: And spring still seems so far off.

Kaveh: But we do have the promise of spring; the anticipation!
It's all ahead of us - so many wonderful times.

Katie: That is a nice thought.

Frank: Yeah, it's kind of like the feeling of tearing the 
wrapper off a candy bar before you even take the first bite.

Sasha: Wow.  Who knew Frank could be so philosophical?
Katie: When his mouth isn't full.


Dee said...

Such is the way of us humans, always wanting something and then once we have it, wanting something else!

Poor Frank, I'm sure he's not always eating.. well definitely not while he is sleeping anyway :)

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

so true...we wish our lives away! Frank has a deep side...who knew?!

Unknown said...

Love Frank! Looks like Kevin may be in competition with Frank as far as food goes!