Saturday, March 16, 2024

Kitchen Additions

 Daddy Steve: Uli does so much cooking here at Gregoropolis that we're always looking for ways to help her out.

Uli: But not too much help because only I know how to do things the right vay.

A little while ago, Aunties Sue and Michelli found this handy little grater.

Uli: Ja! Das ist exactly vat I need.  Now I can make the potato pankakes!

Recently, we became acquainted with some ¼-scale vintage toy kitchen appliances from the 1950s (because we spend way too much time on the internet).

They're all metal and modeled after real General Electric kitchen units of the era.

The entire 9-piece set would have cost a whopping $60.00 in the late 1950s -- a lot of money for a toy.  

Old Alice was able to add a bit of context for us...

Old Alice: Well, dearie, you see people really started spoiling their kids back then.
In an earlier time, they would have just sent them outside to find a stick to play with!

We were able to find the ovens and dishwasher on eBay for a reasonable price.  Uli thinks the ovens are a sensible addition.

Uli: Now I can bake even more things at one time.

However, she's not quite sure about the dishwasher (which actually did work originally--batteries not included).

Uli: Nein.  Vhy do I need this?  I already haff dishwashers.

Luke: Whoops!
Uli: >Sigh< On the second thought...

Having a dishwasher inevitably leads to a range of differing opinions on how to load it.

Holly Belle: No, no.  You need to turn the plates the other way!
Nathan: I think they need to go on the bottom rack.

Uli: Okay.  All ov you out ov kitchen!  I must make the potato pankakes!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

very cool kitchen! I love potato pancakes, so the kids are lucky Uli likes to make them!

Dee said...

Wow what great finds! We do love finding things that are just the right size for the Sashas. Ulli will soon have those potato pancakes made and realise that sometimes a dishwasher is a help unlike those human ones!