Saturday, March 30, 2024

Belle vs. Bunny Bandit


Holly Belle: So, what do you think of my idea?
Meghan: I don't know, Holly Belle.  It seems a bit extreme.
Holly Belle: It's all about empowerment!
We're taking control of the narrative!

Meghan: Yes! Empowerment!
Holly Belle: Come on, let's get started.

Holly Belle: Noah Conrad, we need to use the workshop for a little while.
Noah Conrad: Well, uh, what are you going to do?  Do you know how to use tools?
You're not going to make a mess or get everything in disarray, are you?

Holly Belle: Don't you have some sheep to chase down?
Noah: >grumble, grumble< Okay, well, I can give you an hour. >mutter, mutter<

Logan: Good grief, have you two lost your minds?!?
What are you doing to those chocolate bunnies?

Holly Belle: Every year Frank eats the ears off of all of our chocolate Easter bunnies.  Meghan
and I have accepted the fact that we'll never get a bunny with intact ears in our Easter baskets, 
but we refuse to give him the satisfaction of actually doing the misdeed.
Logan: I guess I can get behind that.  Besides, I know better than to argue
with a woman holding a saw.  Rock on, then!

Come Easter morning...

Frank: What?!? Is this a dream or a nightmare?
Allen: What are you chuntering on about?

Later on...

Frank: >Chomp, chomp< Oh, it's undeniably more convenient,
but it does take some of the sport out of it.
Harriet: Do you want us to take them away?
Frank: There's no need to do anything extreme.


RoRoPo said...

YES!!! Girlspower!!! And Frank can eat all those bunny ears without any bad conscience. What an idea!
Holly Belle, you are the best!

Happy Easter from RoRoPo

Dee said...

Way to go Holly Belle ! Although Frank still got the bunny ears which is not exactly teaching him a lesson. Maybe next year you could have bears instead, their ears are very small and that may stop Frank snapping them off... who am I kidding! That Frank would probably eat their whole head and you'd be back to square one...maybe losing bunnies ears is the way to go...

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

there is no keeping Frank away from bunny ears!