Saturday, March 2, 2024

Two Sportsballs Separated By A Common Language

Nicholas Sahara: I say, what are you chaps up to?
BR: It's nice outside, so we're going to swing the bat around.
Pete Dakota: Wanna come play with us?

Nicholas: Smashing! Give me a mo' to grab my bat and don my whites.
Shan't be a tick!

BR: What are his 'whites'?
Pete: He has his own bat?

Nicholas: Ready, lads!
BR: Good grief, what are you wearing?!
Pete: And that's a bat?

Nicholas: These are my cricket whites, of course.  You said we were to swing the bat around.
Surely you recognize this as a bat?!

BR: I meant this bat! Swing the old ash!
Nicholas: Swing the Ashes! Are you mad? Sacrilege!
Pete: Wait, what?!?

Pete: Uh, um, is that a cricket ball?
Nicholas: Indeed!  I won my first half-century with this ball.
If I do say so myself, I'm an excellent dibbly-dobbler and am well known for my googlies!
BR: What?

BR: Well, I'm the ace of the team!  I can put tons of pepper on my throws
and am known for my cheese. 
Nicholas: What? I thought we were playing, not eating!
BR: Oooh, that's it! Chin music for you!
Nicholas: What? I'll give you a Yorker, mate! You'll earn a duck!
BR: What?

Pete: Okay, okay, let's calm down guys.
Um, why don't we ask Scot-Michael and Stephen Orange to play with us?
Nicholas: Feh, while Scout is a great mate, he's a pie chucker and 
shells a dolly every time.
BR: Bah.  Stephen Orange's got a tin glove.
He's a banana stalk; a real Punch & Judy hitter.
Pete: AAAHHH!!! What is everybody saying?!?!

BR: How about a game of soccer, instead?
Nicholas: I think you mean footie.
Pete: >Sigh<


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

poor Pete, I am completely confused with with NS is talking about, too! That cricket is a crazy game!

Dee said...

Lol, so funny, loved Nicolas going for his whites and cricket bat! not realising they wanted to play rounders, oops sorry I mean baseball ;)

I think both boys look great in their outfits and maybe they need an international sports weekend trying out each others sports ? oh and maybe a book explaining all the 'words' used for each sport could be a very interesting time !