Saturday, June 27, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 3

Previously, in Gregoropolis: The kids have discovered that an unknown boy has been camping out in the backyard the past few days, and it appears that the mystery boy and Nicholas Sahara have a shared past...

Scot-Michael: Nickels, aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?
Nicholas Sahara: Please don't call me that.  You know my name is Nicholas.
Scot-Michael: But Nick--
Nicholas: Please.
Scot-Michael: >sigh<  Okay.  But you can still call me 'Scout.'

Nicholas: Scot-Michael, may I present Peter, Benjamin Roy, Tyler, and Mikko.  Gentlemen, this young man is Scot-Michael.
Scot-Michael: Hi, again.  Please call me Scout.  Thank you for use of the tent!
Tyler: Oh, no problem!  C'mon, we'll show you around.

Once Mikko and Tyler have taken Scot-Michael to meet the rest of the Gregoropolis gang...

Pete Dakota: I thought you might be hungry.  I brought your favorite.
Nicholas: Dear Peter, you've gotten to know me too well.
Pete: And I want to know a little bit more, Nicholas.  So, how do you know Scot-Michael?

And at the same time, BR has got the new boy alone...

BR: Okay, spill.
Scot-Michael: >sigh<  I was traveling through Nickels's, er, Nicholas's country--that was my goal, to hike around the world--when his father, the king, hired me as a companion for the prince.  Nicholas had no siblings and was lonely.  I was to also help him with his English; he was learning it from a very prim & proper British nanny.

Nicholas: >sigh<  We got on like a house on fire.  Then came the revolution.  My father, the king, is a good man, but he was deposed by a nefarious band of insurrectionists.  One day, Scot-Michael was just...gone.  I learned later that those loyal to the king spirited him out of the country for his safety.  We never had a chance to say goodbye.

Scot-Michael: I had no way to contact him; I never knew what happened to him.  So, once I got back to the States, I resumed my travels.
BR: I see...
Scot-Michael: Tell me, how is he fitting in here?
BR: Everybody loves him.  Even Stephen Orange, and he doesn't like anybody.

Nicholas: I was sent to America to live and to be safe.
Pete: Why do you call him 'Scout'?
Nicholas: ...It's how I first pronounced 'Scot' as I was improving my English.

BR: And 'Nickels'?
Scot-Michael: Ha-ha, it's how I first pronounced 'Nicholas' while learning his language.  'Scout' and 'Nickels' became our nicknames for each other.

Pete: You don't seem very happy to see him.
Nicholas: I thought he'd just gone without telling me.  I was angry and thought I'd never see him again.  I was frightfully taken aback when I found him in the garden.


Scot-Michael: So....
Nicholas: Yes, so...
Scot-Michael: Are you safe here?  Are you happy here?
Nicholas: Well, I do miss Papa and Mama, but yes.  They've all been terribly kind.
Scot-Michael: Good.
Nicholas: Are you still on your sojourn around the globe?
Scot-Michael: I'm...tired.  I'd like a place to call home.
Nicholas: Then you must stay here.  The Daddies will be pleased.
And I will be, too...Scout.


NeverUschi said...

How romantic!!!
It's so good the boys are united again, and Scout certainly will fit in well in Gregoropolis.
I've been looking out for a Hiker boy for quite a while, but so far, no luck... so there still is someone on my wish list.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

ah, well glad to see that explained! So much intrigue in our youngster's past!

Dee said...

Goodness what a tale they had to tell ! Poor Nicholas believing his only friend had just left without a word.
Scout not knowing what happened to friend !

I'm so glad that they have met up once again and that Nicholas is settled with the daddies and that Scout's decided he's tired of travelling ( I think it's because he wants to stay with his old friend Nickels but wants to be cool! )
Alls well that ends well :)

Sharon said...

I'm reading the story in the wrong order, but still, I'm very pleased to read this happy ending!!