Saturday, June 20, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 2

Meanwhile, at the same time that Nicholas is encountering the unknown boy (or maybe not so unknown!) in the backyard...

Tyler: So then I bet him that I could stuff 7 of them in my --
Mikko: I bet you could stuff 10!
BR: Guys, have you seen Nicholas?  He's supposed to be walking Annabelle.
Tyler: Well, then he says --

Pete Dakota: Uh, guys?
Tyler: Do you mind? This is a private conversation.
BR and Pete: GUYS!
Tyler and Mikko: WHAT?!
BR: Have. You. Seen. Nicholas?

Tyler: Oh, Prince Fancypants is outside.  He's probably talking to the hobo kid.
Pete: ...the what?
Mikko: The drifter boy.  We found him squatting in the backyard a couple of days ago, 
so we lent him the tent.

BR: Tent?
Pete: Drifter?
BR: Hobo?
Pete: Backyard?

Tyler: Jeez, get a load of those two.
Mikko: Captains Clueless.

BR and Pete: WHAT drifter boy?!

Tyler and Mikko: THAT drifter boy.

Scout: Hi.
Nicholas: Er, well, yes, hello.



Dee said...

Whoa ! The plot thickens! They lent a strange boy a tent in their back garden and didin't tell the Dads!

It was a kind act in one sense, but he could have had adult friends just waiting to check the place out and rob the joint!!

Lucky it's Scout, who looks like a decent enough boy.... well if Nicholas knows him he could be.... ROYALTY!!!!!

Prince Scout ? or even King Scout? Lord Scout ? James Earl Scout? ... I cannot wait to find Scout...I mean out!!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I love that Tyler and Mikko knew all along that Scout was living outside! Funny what kids think is important to mention to others. Still dying to know how it will all turn out!

NeverUschi said...

I could listen to the boys all day long....
..... hope this will be continued VERY soon!

Serenata said...

They are such funny lads... as for the stuffing in the ...? Well I'm not even going to let my imagination (or lack of it!) go there.