Saturday, June 13, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 1

In a secluded corner of the backyard, Annabelle has discovered something or, perhaps, someone...

Annabelle: >sniff, sniff<  Arf?

Boy: Huh? Who's there?

Boy: Well, look at you!  I bet you're a good pupper!
Annabelle: Woof!

Nicholas: Oh my giddy aunt!  If I've lost Annabelle, Benjamin will have my guts for garters!

Nicholas: Annabelle!  There you are, you naughty - -
Boy: Nickles?!?
Nicholas: Richard the III's ghost!  Scout?!?

Scout and Nicholas: What are you doing here?!?!

Scout: ---
Scout: ---
Scout: I'd better put my clothes on.
Nicholas: Yes, I think you better had...



Dee said...

I love how you have introduced Scout to the family! Great name too!
Lucky it was Nicholas who found him and not one of the girls!!!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

wow, so they knew each other all along? I didn't see that coming! I an't wait to see what happens next. On a side note, nobody has better sayings than "Nickles"! He's very colorful!

Serenata said...

Yeah, a newcomer to Gregoropolis, and one whom I am sure will fit in just fine...despite the um, lack of clothes on his bottom half! Great tent, I am sure they will have a lot of fun camping out this summer with Scout.

Gregor Daddies said...

Serenata-- Our boys are (mostly) modest--you can't see it in the photos, but he is wearing underwear! DJ