Saturday, June 6, 2020

Summer's Coming!

Daddy John: Summer is nigh, and my boys are getting ready!

Nicolas Sahara:  Aha!  Here's where you two lolloped off to!  Reclining in indolence.  >sigh<
Well, come along you lot.  Benjamin, Daddy John wants us to sort out the bathing costumes.

Nicholas: Peter, you're a right mess; ice cream all over!  Go and clean yourself up and change your clothes; Daddy John wants to take some photographs.
Pete Dakota: I think he's talking to you.

After wrangling the two wayward souls back into the house, BR and Nicholas dig out their swimming suits...

BR: I dunno, I was pretty lazy over the winter.  I hope mine still fits!

Nicholas: Growing up in a castle, we never had a swimming pool.  We'd vacation on the coast, and there were beaches, but they were quite unsuitable for swimming. 
BR: No worries.  Pete and I will teach you.  Pete is part merboy, I think!

Swimsuits sorted and Pete Dakota cleaned up and changed, my Fantastic 4 line up for summer pictures...

BR, Pete Dakota, Stephen Orange, Nicholas Sahara

Best friends BR and Pete Dakota

Stephen Orange (who is anticipating a summer adventure) and Nicholas Sahara 



Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

the suits look like they still fit...I hope that the rest of us will be able to say the same!! lol!! I would have preferred sitting in a chair on the lawn and eating ice cream over working, too!!

Dee said...

Looks like summers arrived at Gregoropolis if they are getting out the swimwear!
I'm sure BR will fit better into his trunks after a couple of swimming workouts.
I hope they all keep an eye on Nicholas as he is not yet a swimmer.
sounds like lots of water fun will be had this year !
Love those garden chairs great colour too!

Sharon said...

They definitely are looking ready for summer, and I'm sure any extra ounces gained over the winter will be lost quickly with all that frolicking in the water during the summer!

Serenata said...

I hope they have a wonderful summer! Fortunately young boys tend to not have to worry about putting on weight like others do, so I am sure their swimsuits will be fine.