Saturday, May 14, 2022

Giancarlo vs. The Squirrels

 Daddy Steve:  You may recall that last spring the squirrels absolutely demolished all of the blossoms on our Magnolia tree, just as they were starting to open up: Evil Squirrels.

We hoped that over the winter they would forget about how tasty Magnolia flowers are, but apparently squirrels have surprisingly good memories.  This spring, they were back and up to their old evil tricks.

Nanny Wendy: Oh good grief, not again!
Mikey: Are da squirrels gonna eat all da flowas?
Giancarlo: Not if I can help it!

Giancarlo: Wyatt, help me unroll this netting.
Wyatt: Sure thing, boss!

Wyatt: Do you think this will really work?
Giancarlo: We shall see, amico.  We shall see.

The netting did seem to discourage the squirrels from climbing the tree, and we saved a good many flowers...

Robin: The squirrels don't seem to like the netting.  
It probably feels like walking into a spider web.
Luke: Eeeeew!  I hate that!


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

lets hope that does the trick! the flowers are very pretty. I'm surprised Mikey didn't want to "help" more!

RoRoPo said...

Seems it worked! Good idea! And how lovely the magnolia looks with her flowers... Squirrels, go elsewhere!

NeverUschi said...

Take that, squirrels!
There are some very smart boys at Gregoropolis.

Dee said...

Hurrah for the quick thinking of the boys! Take that you pesty squirrels!

So glad you managed to save your magnolia flowers, let's hope that puts the squirrels off next year too! Do they have good memories squirrels? Lets hope so!