Saturday, April 15, 2023

A Buckaroo at Bedtime

Nicholas Sahara: Psst!  Scout!
Scot-Michael: Zzzzsrk..huh?  Whoizzit? Nickels?

Nicholas: Might I doss down with you, please?  I had that dream again.
Scot-Michael: The one where you're watching tv underwater, or 
the one about Hell's Angels disco dancing in a McDonalds?

Nicholas: That last one's yours.  
This was the one about riding a brontosaurus like a...a...a 'drover.'

Scot-Michael: 'Cowboy.'  What have I told you about eating pizza before bed?

Nicholas: It isn't my fault!  Peter was reading aloud from one 
of his cowboy novels whilst we were noshing on a deep dish!
Scot-Michael: >Sigh< Get in.

Scot-Michael: Have you brushed your teeth?
Nicholas: Of course.  I'm not a neanderthal.

Nicholas: Zzzzzzzzzz
Scot-Michael: Zzzzzzzz

Nicholas: Giddy-up, little dogie!
Scot-Michael: Oh, good grief...


Dee said...

LOL this made me laugh! I could hear that conversation as I read it. Classic!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

*snerk* *snerk*....hells angels disco dancing in McDonalds?! Where in the world do you come up with this?! I hope that is not a dream either of you actually had! too funny!