Friday, November 23, 2018

The Big Secret, Part 3

Daddy Steve:  Here in Gregoropolis, work continues at a feverish pace in preparation for the secret event at the end of the month.  Today, the girls were digging out some vintage Frido fashions from their wardrobe.

Oliver: What's all that noise coming from the girls' room?
Giancarlo: I think they're having a little disagreement about something.
Oliver: Should we go find out what's wrong?
Giancarlo: Oh, no, not a wise idea.  Best to let them work it out themselves.
Wyatt: Yeah, we should definitely stay out of it.

Holly Belle: Alright girls, you all have the outfits you will be wearing.

Daphne: I don't know, Holly Belle.  This is a bit farmer-ish for an aristocratic girl like me.
Holly Belle: Now Daphne, even Marie Antoinette liked to dress up as a peasant girl sometimes.
Daphne: Well...I suppose...

Daisy: You're quite sure this dress is pink, and not beige?
Holly Belle: Yes, dear, it's pink.
Daisy: It looks sort of beige in this light.
Holly Belle: No, it's pink.
Daisy: You know I don't wear beige.
Holly Belle: Definitely pink.
Daisy: Barbara Cartland always said that beige makes women look like baked potatoes.
Holly Belle: PINK!

Holly Belle: Oh come on, Rhoda!  Won't you cooperate just this once?!
Rhoda: No way!  I don't wear dresses!

Holly Belle: Oh, I give up!  This whole thing is a shambles!
Ann Marie: Calm down, HB.  It will all work out fine.  And I think I know a way to reach a compromise with Rhoda...


Dee said...

The plot thickens! Just as well those boys kept out of what was going on in the girls room, always dangerous to get in the way of girls in discussion ...

Holly Belle is definitely in charge of the girls contribution to the goings on...and was quick patient.. to start with.

Mmm Rhoda and a dress? good luck with that one ! Now I'm off to quiz Robin , who I'm annoyed to say was a perfect gent and even after me feeding him a luscious dinner did not spill any beans, I need to try again..... :)

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Boy, Holly Belle, you are a woman who knows what she wants! Bravo! However, sometimes a wise leader compromises a little bit....

Gregor Daddies said...

Holly Belle has definitely inherited Daddy Steve's bullheaded streak.

Ginger said...

Holly Belle deserves a medal! Maybe Rhoda can wear leggings under her pink not beige dress. Rhoda can think it is a tunic! A great post and I look forward to the big reveal. 😊 xxx

Gregor Daddies said...

Holly Belle says, "Thank you Auntie Ginger. It's nice to know that someone appreciates all of my efforts!"

twizel said...

curious very curious, what amazing things are about to happen/ I can't wait to see the outcome.