Monday, November 5, 2018

Election Day

Everybody in Gregoropolis is doing their civic duty today: they're voting!

Election judge Patrick helps Ravi get registered...

Election judge Holly Belle watches as Charles, Rolf, and Valerie all cast their ballots...

And Frank passes out "I Voted" stickers to Daphne, Benjamin Roy, and Kaveh.

Frank: Here's your sticker, sir.  Thank you for voting!


Dee said...

What Patriotic children. It's so good they have learnt to vote so young.
You cannot complain if you didn't vote.

It looked very well organised and attended, a big turn out !
Now they can only wait to see the result !

Kendal said...

Such good citizens already, no wasted 'non-voting' here and practice makes perfect for any future votes.
Hoping that you all get the result that you voted for.

Ginger said...

Wonderful post showing our election activities. You have to love those “I voted” stickers. I was so happy to vote and that the election is over. The relentless negative campaigning and phone calls and texts that generally took over the media experience over the past few months were very aggressive here in WV. I hope MN had a better campaigning experience! 😊 xxx