Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Big Secret, Part 1

Daddy Steve: Anthony has been very busy in the kitchen this afternoon; he's not cooking, but planning...

Frank: Hey Tony, are you making treats for us?
Luke: Cookies?
Frank: Cupcakes?
Anthony: No, but there's some fresh fruit and carrot sticks in the refrigerator.

Luke: No thanks.  Well, then, what are you doing?
Anthony: I'm planning out a special menu.
Gavin: For Thanksgiving?
Anthony: No, for the very special event right after Thanksgiving.  You know, the special secret event?

Anthony: Here, look at this cookbook I'm reading.
Frank: "Fabulous Fondues."  What's a fondue?

Gavin: Oh, I've heard of those!  It's a big bubbling pot of melted cheese that you dip things like bread and meat in using funny looking forks.  It's a traditional dish of the...
Anthony: >AHEM<
Gavin: ...from the country of...
Anthony: >AHEM<
Gavin: Oh, wait, that's part of the secret, isn't it?
Anthony: >sigh< 

Luke: Don't worry, Tony.  You know how good we are at keeping secrets!
Anthony: Yes.  And that's exactly what I'm afraid of...



Dee said...

Oh we love a secret! I want what's happening after Thanksgiving? something that involves dipping and eating.....

At least Anthony appears to be in charge, so it can only be good..

But I'm with Luke on those carrot sticks , we ain't no rabbits!!

Ginger said...

How exciting! A secret is brewing. Fondue is one of my favorite foods though I don’t have it often. So nice to have a special treat to look forward to after Thanksgiving. 😊 xxx

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

oh boy, not eating turkey leftovers is treat in itself, so probably fondue is going to be well-received! Last time I made it, it turned out yummy!

Kendal said...

I love being told secrets too... BUT luckily I can easily guess what this one is!