Friday, December 22, 2023

Advent 2023: Giant-Size Day 22: Scot-Michael and Nicholas Sahara


Nicholas Sahara: Well hello there, my Christmas cracker!
Scot-Michael: Hello to you, my Christmas elf.
Nicholas: My stars, have there been Christmas shenanigans going on.
Scot-Michael: I know!  I found figgy pudding in my shampoo bottle this morning.

Nicholas: My word!  Well, don't let's give it another thought.
Time to open our prize door.
Scot-Michael: You're up, Elf.

Nicholas: Here we ar--oh.
Scot-Michael: What's wrong?

Nicholas: The pieces don't seem to match the 
diagram on the calendar door.
Scot-Michael: Let's put it together and see what we've got.

Nicholas: Now, who's this pointy-eared chap?
Scot-Michael: It looks like a snow suit?
Nicholas: So it is!

Scot-Michael: Er, Snow-Batman?  Bat-SnowMan?

Nicholas: I say, the Prankster has struck again, he has!
Scot-Michael: I think so.  This calendar isn't Lego Gotham City!

Scot-Michael: I'll take another look.  A-ha!

Nicholas: Oh, my giddy aunt! Another prize!

Scot-Michael: Someone snuck in an additional Lego figure behind the door.
This is the real prize for today.

Nicholas: It looks like Santa's sleigh.
Scot-Michael: Well, it sure isn't Batman's.

Nicholas: Let's hook the dear reindeer up to it so Santa 
can get around on Christmas Eve.

Scot-Michael: And Bats can watch from the top of the city; 
making sure no Grinch is trying to steal the Christmas tree.

Nicholas: Ever so delightful.  But ever so odd.
Scot-Michael: You said it, Elf.  First Barbie, now Batman.
Nicholas: I wonder who the devious prankster can be?


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

what the heck is going on?! there's a prankster afoot and I'd love to know who it is! always something going on at Gregoropolis!

Dee said...

Batman! Batman! I was convinced the calendar had slipped into an episode of Stranger Things for a moment!

Someone somewhere is having a great time pulling all these stunts! At least the boys checked and found the proper window puzzle and Santa got his sleigh!