Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 12: Valerie and Bowie

Valerie: As of today, we're halfway through the calendar!
Bowie: Rock on!  Another day closer to Santa!

Valerie: I wonder what our prize will be.
Bowie: Maybe an elf playing the electric guitar!

Bowie: C'mere, Elf-ric Clapton!
Valerie: >Giggle<

Bowie: Wow! So many pieces! It's impossible!
Valerie: Nonsense!  If you can shred "Stairway to Heaven", 
we can snap a few Legos together.

Valerie: See?  I told you.  Easy-peasy.
Bowie: No guitar-playing elf.  Just a boring old computer desk.

Valerie: It can go next to the gamer, 
so he can email his gamer friends.
Bowie: Feh.  Let's hope next year
the Daddies get a rock-and-roll Advent calendar!


Dee said...

Poor Bowie, never mind maybe the dads will go rock n roll next year or all musical!

A computer desk..mm we've gone from the weird to the normal...

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

poor Bowie, a little disappointed. Well, there's still half the calendar to go, so there's hope!