Thursday, December 21, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 21: Paul David and Ginger

Paul David: Well, here we are; two new kids and the Advent Calendar.
Ginger: I know!  I'm a bit worried--we have a huge legacy to live up to.

Paul David: I was talking to Daphne earlier;  she said
the prize for her day was the hardest she ever had to put together.
Ginger: >Gulp< Maybe that means ours will be easy?

Paul David: Keep your fingers crossed.  Here we go.

Ginger: It doesn't look like there are too many pieces.

Paul David: Hey!  You were right!  Easy!
Ginger: It's Mrs. Claus on a snowboard!

Paul David: There you go, Nana Kringle, right in the thick of things.
Ginger: I want to learn to snowboard now!

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