Sunday, December 19, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 19: Kevin & Anika


Kevin: >Sigh< We really should have been the ones to find 
that particular prize.  Just sayin'.

Anika: Yes, we really should have.
Yet another cross our lot has had to bear.

Kevin: That being said, this is a rather nice 
Advent calendar.
Anika: And I am admittedly kind of excited about what
prize today's door will reveal.

Kevin: Something connected to Platform 9¾?

Anika: Wow, that's a lot of pieces!

Anika: You were right--it's a signpost for the platform.

Kevin: We'll put our hero next to the signpost.
And Harry, too, I guess.


NeverUschi said...

Poor Götz reds! That was bad luck, but you couldn't know in advance.
I think the signpost certainly was more fun to assemble.

Dee said...

Never mind Reds, maybe next year ? if it's another Harry Potter advent!

You did get a nice piece to work on and now Harry will know where to find the right platform :)