Sunday, December 12, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 12: Daphne & Dan Ryan


Dan Ryan: So, ma'am, ready to open today's door on the Advent calendar?
Daphne: First of all, I'm going to ignore the whole 'ma'am' thing because I know
that secretly you're madly in love with me and that's the only way you can keep it in check.
Dan Ryan: Wait, what?!?

Daphne: Never mind.  I'll open today's prize.

Dan Ryan: Nice job, ma', Daphne.
Daphne: I heard that.  Let's get to putting it together.

Daphne: It's the cart the goblins take to get to the underground
bank vaults.  >Sigh< I'm starting to sympathize with Holly Belle.

Dan Ryan: The cart goes here, on the track on the play mat.
So, tell me ma'am, why doesn't Holly Belle like the Advent calendar?
Does she have something against Harry Potter?

Daphne: She likes Harry Potter well enough.  She was just a bit miffed that 
Dads bought the calendar without consulting her first.
You know Holly Belle; she likes to be in charge!
Dan Ryan: Or at least think she is.
Daphne: Yeah, that too.

1 comment:

Dee said...

That Dan Ryan best watch his step, Daphne has got him in her sights!!

I'm sure Holly Belle just likes to be useful and feels she knows just what every one needs , even when they don't know themselves !

I'm sure she'd love to sit back and let you all get on with it... well as long as you follow her written instructions and no freestyling ! ;)