Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 22: Katie & Sasha


Katie: Christmas is such an exciting time!  Remember way back when we
lived at the toy department at Dayton's?
Sasha: Oh yes; that was such a busy time.  So many shoppers bringing
home toys to girls and boys.

Katie: And the animated holiday shows?  One year it was 
'Santa's Workshop' and another was the 'Dickens Village.'
Sasha: Actually, I never saw any of them.  Being so short, I was scared I'd
get trampled.  But everyone sure talked about them!
Katie: >Sigh< Now the store is gone, and people don't go downtown
to shop anymore.  Oh well.  On that bittersweet note, let's open today's door.

Katie: Day 22 coming right up!  Wonder what the prize will be?

Sasha: I know who it is!

Katie: Bad boy Draco Malfoy!

Sasha: You know, not all blond kids are evil...
Katie: I do know!  We've been angels all year.  Santa is sure to be good to us.


Dee said...

Katie is right to be sad for the loss of old style shops and department stores, the young generation will never have the joy of wandering around a large store full of wonderous items .

Speaking as a life long true blonde, I have to agree Blonde are not bad , well not all bad ;)

NeverUschi said...

I know many blondes who are not evil - but Draco certainly has a fierce look on his face!
But angels all year - well that's difficult to manage.