Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 7: Uli & Eric


Uli: Meine Güte, these extra Lego pieces are cluttering up the table!

Uli: Exzellent!  We can store the extra pieces in der basket.

Eric: Hallo, Uli.  Doing some tidying?
Uli: Hallo, Eric.  Ja, ja, the calendar must be neat!

Eric: I wonder what's behind today's door?

Eric: Was ist das?  It looks a bit complex.

Uli: Nein!  What haff you done?!  You haff messed it up again!
Eric: It's okay, I'll put it together and it will be neat again.

Eric: It's a cookie stand!  I wonder what kind of cookies they are.
Uli: Hmmf.  German pastries are the best pastries.

Eric: There we are; neat as a pin.
Uli: Und the exztra pieces in der basket.

Eric: We'll put the stand next to the gentleman munching on a cookie.
Uli: Ja.  That reminds me I must start baking our cookies!

1 comment:

Dee said...

I have to sat I'd be worried to sit still when Uli's around I could find myself tidied up and stuck in a basket!
Now we know where the cooky the man's eating came from. Maybe it will turn into a Christmas market?
That would be fun