Saturday, December 12, 2020

Advent Day 12: Stephen Orange & Blake

Stephen Orange: Hello Blake.  Should we have our go at the Advent calendar?
Blake: Aces idea, old man! Let's do it.
Stephen Orange: 'Old man'?  

Blake: Wait, what day are we on?
Stephen: Um, it's the 12th.  We're halfway through the calendar.
Blake: One day closer to Christmas and Santa!
Stephen: Er...Santa? Don't you mean Daddies Steve and John?

Blake: Fat guy, red suit, presents for good boys and girls, flying reindeer, all that jazz.                        You know, Santa Claus! What do the the daddies have to do with it?
Stephen: Oh, yes, of course.  Well, here's the door for the 12th.

Blake: I dunno, tires maybe?
Stephen: Tires?

Stephen: There seem to be a number of mysterious pieces in this calendar.
Blake: Those Hot Wheels people sure know how to pique our curiosity.

1 comment:

Dee said...

Phew that was close! Thank goodness Stephen Orange didn’t burst any bubbles!

They look like tyres to be too! Stranger and stranger..... you sure you didn’t find this down a rabbit hole?