Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Advent Day 15: Louisette et Lulu


Louisette: Eet is our turn at ze Advent calendar, ma petite soeur.

Lulu: Can we not keep opening doors until we find zomezing we like?
Louisette: Non, non. Only one door each day!
Lulu: Hmph.  For zomezing that ees to be fun, there are an awful lot of rules!

Louisette: Well, zhere eet ees, next to ze petit elf.

Lulu: Très adorable!  Un petit reindeer!

Louisette: We shall place 'im 'ere, zo 'e 'as un petit ami.

Lulu: Zhat was fun.  Now, I am off to water theengs.
Louisette: Non, Lulu!  We 'ave talked about zees! No more pouring water on ze boys!


RoRoPo said...

What a cute little reindeer! Could only be topped by a little unicorn. But never heard of unicorns having something to do with christmas...
But I agree with Lulu: the boys may grow better when watered well.

Dee said...

A very nice reindeer to add to the display. Lucky that one knew that only one door can be opened.
I just hope Ralph ? Is not having a little nap on the sofa if Lulu is in the mood to water things!!